Bluetooth gloves, works with touch screens, BG2XR

Hello Gloves are an amazing product which allows you to enjoy your fun time outside, talking on the phone or listening to the music at the same time

Bluetooth gloves
Bluetooth gloves, works with touch screens, size: UNI
Product code: BG2XR

rękawice Bluetooth
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Glovii products stand out, thanks to the use of heated carbon fibres, which have a positive effect on blood circulation by emitting infrared waves.

Glovii clothing was designed with sportspeople in mind, especially those practising winter sports.

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rękawice Bluetooth
The most important features:
  • The gloves allows you to talk on the phone by showing the international “call me“ gesture with your hand
  • Connection with the phone is obtained using the Bluetooth technology a 10 m range
  • The current-conducting filament on the thumb and the index finger allows for using touchpads without the need to take off the gloves
  • The integrated steering panel allows for receiving and ending calls without the need to touch your phone
  • A high-quality Li-Poly battery allows for long and safe operation of the equipment

rękawice Bluetooth
Technical data:
  • battery: 160mAh (0,59Wh); Li-Poly
  • bluetooth: V3.0+EDR
  • working time: 5h
  • standby time: 60h
  • works with touch screens
  • fabric: 100% polyester
  • sizes: UNI
  • weight with battery: 250g