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Check Glovii heated gloves

When your hands are cold.

Cold hands was our first challenge. We have developed several types of heated gloves for various applications. Whether you need gloves for everyday use, work, motorcycle, bike, scooter, paragliding, winter sports or other outdoor activities, Glovii has the right product for you. Heated gloves will also help people with circulatory problems, arthritis and Raynaud syndrome.

Warm hands are the basis of well-being.


When it's cooler, you can turn on even more heat.

By staying in a cool place for a longer time, we cool the whole body. In that case, you have to try our heated underwear. Heating is located on the back, abdomen, loins and knees, so you will maintain thermal comfort in all conditions. Heated pants and sweatshirts are loved by skiers sitting on the ski lift, hunters, anglers, warehouse workers, clergymen and policemen. Think how much more you would like to go for a winter walk, if you can at any time turn on pleasant heat with one button and warm up your body.

It is worth taking care of the well-being of the whole body.

Check Glovii heated underwear, pants and shirts

Don't forget about your feet.

Warm shoes are an important element of a winter wardrobe. However, there are times when shoes alone are not enough. Then try heated Glovii shoe insoles or Glovii heated socks. The heat is pleasantly distributed from the forefoot and the temperature can be adjusted manually or via the remote control. Even the longest walk will be pleasant in such a company. At home, try out heated slippers with a sock with eye-catching patterns. Dry wet shoes with our shoe dryer during this time. If your feet get cold, do not hesitate any longer.

Warm feet will help you achieve any goal.


A universal solution for long walks.

You like long walks and universal solutions. Glovii heated jackets combine the comfort of high thermal insulation and the possibility of additional warming the body through built-in heating. The jackets are available in women's and men's cuts, in a variety of colors and sizes. We placed the heating on your chest and back to keep you warm on all sides. Of course, you have 3 heat levels at your disposal, which you can conveniently select with one button. The heated jacket is a universal solution for your everyday comfort.

Dress warmer for your next walk.

Check Glovii heated insoles and socks
Check Glovii heated jackets and vests

The widest selection of heated clothes and accessories.

Glovii offers the widest selection of heated clothing and accessories. Discover the heated hat, heated scarf, heated hood, motorcycle breast warmer, heated vests. You can try the universal heated belt, which in addition to the heating function helps to reduce abdominal fat. Walks with a stroller will be made more pleasant by a hand warmer with a muffle function and a heated pillow. We regularly introduce new and interesting products to our offer, so visit us regularly.

Check out the widest range of heated clothing accessories.


A warm bed for your dog or cat.

Glovii also cares about your pet's comfort. Make him happy with the heated lair specially designed for dogs and cats. You connect the den to the power grid with a safe, insulated cable. The heating system is equipped with two independently operating temperature sensors to prevent overheating. The heating element can be removed to clean the material of the pen if necessary. A warm lair for your pet is something it definitely deserves.

Make your dog or cat happy now.

Check Glovii heated pets bed


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